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We make it look effortless.

Unlike a traditional demo rep, Magnet's Customer Attraction Engineer walks the talk when it comes to natural, with a keen understanding of the sector, its customers, and its values.

We recruit our team members for their enthusiasm for natural products, their ability to connect with people, and their keen retail awareness.

Professionals to their core, they radiate passion and curiosity - about both natural trends and new customers. And each one is Food Safe certified.

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It pays to have a plan.

Our deep natural retail experience will ensure you have a targeted demo strategy that aligns with consumer behaviour, seasonal variations, and product promotion opportunities.

At Magnet, we know it's not about robotically ticking the demo box, but planning and executing an effective and profitable demo program that excites people, spreads the word, and boosts sales.

We have relationships through the entire supply chain to ensure you're ready to convert that micro-moment of demo excitement into a product purchase.

Timing is everything! We'll work with you to identify optimal demo timeslots for your target customers.

Want to give your new product the launch pad it deserves? We can help you navigate the go-to-market process like a pro!

We speak data so you don't have to.

There's no point setting a strategy without the right metrics. And everybody knows you can't manage what you don't measure. How effective were your demos last month? What SKU's are popular? Which products perform better in certain areas, at certain times of year, or times of day? Where is customer sentiment trending?

Part of the Magnet difference is that we're passionate about data: setting KPI's, analyzing data points, discovering and displaying data-driven insights.

All of this we feed back into sharper strategy and more perfect execution. And better sales figures.

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