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We're building the kind of company we'd like to work for.

It sounds corny, but we wanted to be part of something good, to work with others who share our values – fairness, integrity, sustainability – and build a creative, high-energy team that feels like a family.

Debra Murphy & James Massender

Chief Attraction Officer

Debra Murphy

The driving force behind Magnet, Debra brings 10+ years in natural, with success managing large sales teams, and working with retailers, brokers, distributors, and brands. A keen observer of the ever-changing retail landscape, Debra is excited to offer a fresh, modern, strategic approach to natural product marketing.

Director of Digital

James Massender

A chameleon of a copywriter, with well over a decade of digital strategy and execution under his belt, James brings to the mix his flair for working through business challenges and creating satisfying customer experiences.