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Magnetic Demos

Our carefully planned demo programs come with detailed reporting, so you see their value.


Retail traction

Are you executing on the 4 P's? Meeting with the right decision-makers? Let us guide you.

Brand identity

Be sure you're communicating the essence of your brand in a way that appeals and resonates. 

Why we're brand-centric

Retail is changing fast.

And with brokers and distributors spread thinly across dozens or even hundreds of brands, it can be difficult for a brand to get the attention it deserves.

At Magnet, we focus exclusively on natural brands, and we don’t take a percentage: We’re paid solely for the value we add to help each brand we work with raise its profile, increase its reach into new markets, and improve its bottom line.

Your ROI is our only measure of success

Our mission is to help your brand be more successful, so for us, the only metric that truly matters is your ROI. We work with you to plan and execute a program that targets the areas where you need us, combining the right balance of retail, brand, and digital expertise to close the gap on your competitors.

Whether we’re looking at product sell-through to evaluate your promotional plan, or sifting through your clickstream data to optimize your website, we never stop measuring your progress and adjusting our tactics as we learn. Anyone can send you a static report – evidence-based insight is the Magnet difference.

Strategy is never one-size-fits-all

We don’t take a mechanical, paint-by-numbers approach to anything we do. Designing the right strategy for your brand starts with understanding where you are in the current market, and where you want to go.

Our approach is multi-faceted. We review your brand to assess its fit for your category and your target consumers. We review your current retail profile and promotional plans. And of course, we audit your digital presence.

The end result is a targeted and coordinated program of work designed to raise your profile, attract more customers, and convert them from shoppers to advocates to evangelists.

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Natural is in our DNA

We're passionate people excited about great natural products and the brands behind them, and we know succeeding in natural retail means moving beyond a conventional mindset.

We work to elevate great natural brands and help them be more successful through insight-led strategy, founded on deep industry knowledge.